Management Team

Michael Martella
Mike Martella, Founder / Chairman Emeritus 
Mr. Martella has been successfully operating MARCOA Publishing, Inc., for nearly 50 years.  He and the company began as the contracted publisher for several small military installations in California.  Over time the company has grown to be one of the largest and longest established publishers of military installation guides, telephone directories, and base maps in the country.

Mr. Martella's passion for the development of a quality product continues to this day and extends to sustaining the best possible sales people available in the market.  It is the drive and determination of the MARCOA sales organization that has enabled our expansion into innovative new products and services designed to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market.
Matt Benedict, President / CEO 
Mr. Benedict leads MARCOA in the day-to-day operations of the business and works closely with the founder and Chairman.  He has a twenty-year background in operations, sales and business management with both large and small companies.

Prior to joining MARCOA in 2006, Mr. Benedict served in a number of management, director, and vice presidential positions with multiple catalog companies in Arizona, California, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.  Mr. Benedict also has extensive inventory control and product merchandising experience and has facilitated in several companies’ development and growth.

Mr. Benedict has degrees in Quantitative Economics and Statistics from the University of California, San Diego and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.
 Kevin Brewer
 Kevin Brewer, Vice President, Sales 
Mr. Brewer oversees all military and civilian sales projects throughout the entire country including Alaska and Hawaii.  He joined the company with a myriad of experience in the print industry including sales, marketing and agency knowledge. Mr. Brewer has more than 25 years of know-how leading sales teams, but he also has in-depth experience on the operational side of business as well. Previously, Mr. Brewer was the Vice President of Sales at VDP Direct and LAK Advertising, a tech-savvy direct marketing, print and digital services company based in San Diego, CA. 

Mr. Brewer holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics, Valley City State University, Valley City, ND.
 Mike Shows
 Mike Shows, Vice President Sales Administration
Mr. Shows oversees all of the military and civilian sales compensation plans, development, tracking, calculations and administration throughout the entire country including Alaska and Hawaii. He has over twenty years’ experience in sales management in the publishing business, and has held positions such as district manager and division sales manager.  Mr. Shows has personally directed consecutive year over year growth in multiple projects located in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Ft. Lewis, McChord AFB, Naval Base Kitsap, NAS Whidbey Island and Naval Base Everett military installations.
Prior to joining MARCOA in 2002, Mr. Shows served for a short period of time as a civilian Army recruiter.  Mr. Shows is based out of MARCOA's Tacoma, WA office.
 Scott Ogan
 Scott Ogan, Vice President, Operations 
As Vice President of Operations Mr. Ogan is responsible for ensuring all portions of MARCOA publications and materials are created, printed and available to be placed online.  Mr. Ogan oversees multiple departments including IT, Acquisitions and Retention, Contracting, Business Development, Social Media, Ads, Graphics, Editorial, Scheduling, CTP, Printing Plant, Warehouse and Reception. He also functions as a liaison between MARCOA and non-profit organizations to create cross-marketing efforts in support of service members and their families. 

Mr. Ogan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from California State University, Fullerton.
 Susan Purcell, Vice President, Human Resources 
Ms. Purcell is responsible for the overall administration, coordination and evaluation of the human resources function. She has a twenty five year background in HR as a strategic business partner with large and small, private and public, companies.

Ms. Purcell previously spent a number of years at Pacific Sales Kitchen Bath & Electronics as the Director of Human Resources & Growth Initiatives. She has extensive experience in driving HR strategy, growth initiatives & talent development across the U.S. within national sales organizations.

Ms. Purcell earned her B.B.A. Cum Laude in Business Administration and Management from National University in San Diego CA, and has a Certificate in Music Theory and Performance from The Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood CA.
 Forrest Smith
 Forrest Smith, Director, Information Technology 
Mr. Smith has been working in the information technology field for nearly twenty years. During this time, he has held a number of leadership positions working as a database architect/designer, an information systems manager, consultant and network/systems engineer.

Mr. Smith has held senior positions with Foundation Health Systems, PC Mall and most recently joins MARCOA after serving as the Director of Professional Services for, the nation’s largest reseller of academic software.

Mr. Smith brings his depth of experience, technical skills and management capabilities to his current position where he supports the administration and manages the operations of our network and online computing environments. He maintains expert knowledge in ecommerce and mobile platforms and is working to revamp our online and mobile presence to the communities we serve.
 Jason Keene
 Jason Keene, Controller 
Mr. Keene has over twenty years of experience in accounting operations and currently overseas our accounting department.  He is responsible for our corporate accounting functions that include budgeting, financial planning and analysis, as well as implementing corporate internal controls. 

Mr. Keene most recently was consulting for Intuit. He has worked for companies as large as Honda North America, Inc. and also with the smallest sole proprietors. This experience has given him the skill necessary to work through the challenges of running a business in today’s changing market place.

Mr. Keene is a Certified Public Accountant currently licensed in California and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from Central Washington University.
 Melanie Peters
 Melanie Peters, Director of Marketing
Ms. Peters is responsible for the visibility and partnerships that support MARCOA’s 50 year history in military publications and media. She ensures that communications both internal and external are performed with the highest standards, while expanding market share and value.

Ms. Peters comes from an entertainment background, where pivoting, and innovation were critical to success. She ran her own PR and Marketing company for 7 years before joining the MARCOA team in her current position as Director of Marketing.
 Renee Grier
 Renee Grier, Western U.S. Regional Manager 
Mrs. Grier is responsible for overseeing the Western regional sales team. She ensures that our local business partners enjoy prosperous relationships with military members, as they continue to show their support for our local military installations. She came to us with extensive leadership, project management and sales experience in the newspaper and advertising industry.

Mrs. Grier brings a wealth of experience to her role and is a highly motivated, proven leader within our company. She has been a dedicated employee and has consistently surpassed sales goals and helped us earn a reputation as an honest and reliable company.
 Tony Kuh
 Tony Kuh, Eastern U.S. Regional Manager
Mr. Kuh is responsible for overseeing the Eastern regional sales team. He joined the team with an extensive background in leadership, sales, marketing and advertising. He ensures that our local business partners on the East coast are able to continue to connect with military members, as we continue to support their day-to-day operations. Prior to joining the MARCOA team, he ran and operated his own marketing firm in the South Florida Market.

Mr. Kuh is a retired Non-Commissioned Officer and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Columbia Southern University.
 Rachael Fisher, Senior Managing Editor 
Ms. Fisher manages MARCOA’s editorial and quality control department. Her team of editors and proofreaders ensures all components of military and civilian publications meet or exceed customer and client specifications.

She joined MARCOA in 2009 as a senior editor and has been senior managing editor since 2011. During her tenure at the company, Ms. Fisher has worked as both a writer and an editor in MARCOA’s Alaska office and at its San Diego headquarters.

Ms. Fisher graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a B.A. in journalism and public communications with concentration in journalism. Her experience includes work on award-winning publications such as The Alaska Contractor magazine and the Anchorage Daily News.
Stephanie Gilman
 Stephanie Gilman, Contracting Manager
Ms. Gilman is the contract manager for all military and civilian contracts. She ensures all customers’ expectations are met in a professional and productive manner during contract performance, including option renewals, amendments, etc., in accordance with DOD instructions and other military and civilian directives. She also serves as a project manager between designated military installations and MARCOA.

Ms. Gilman joined MARCOA in 2009 and holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration with an emphasis in management and marketing from California State University, San Marcos.
 Joe Stoekl, Press Room Manager
Mr. Stoekl manages the MARCOA print facility, Heritage Printing.  He has been with the company since 1986 and has more than 30 years experience in the print field. 

Mr. Stoekl and his team produce all MARCOA publications from three Heidelberg Speedmaster presses during as many printing shifts as necessary to meet the deadlines of our clients. Quality printing for all customers is of the utmost importance to Joe and his team.

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