Computer to Press (CTP) Services

MARCOA maintains the most up-to-date computer-to-plate (CTP) equipment available. Our CTP department is comprised of specially trained operators, whose responsibilities are to maintain the highest possible quality control.

Our computer-to-plate (CTP) is running the latest Kodak PRINERGY Workflow System. The refining process creates a PDF digital master of each page in the input file and performs any or all of the following functions:

• Preflight files
• Optimize images
• Convert CT/LW or TIFF/IT
• Resolve OPI comments
• Embed fonts
• Recombine separated files
• Check for low-resolution images and missing fonts
• Fine-tune copydot content
• Manage colors to achieve consistency between the color proofing device and the press
• Trap files
• Generate thumbnails
• Impose pages

The PRINERGY Workflow System outputs to our Trendsetter 800 III, which images plates ranging from a minimum of 9"x10.6" up to a maximum of 33"x45" at a rate of 24 plates per hour.

In the CTP process, the image of the page from a digital file is recorded directly from the artist’s file to the printing plate. CTP printing technology actually expedites your publication content directly into production, skipping the traditional prepress workflow associated with generating film. By eliminating the need for film, our advanced CTP printing technology saves time and is more environmentally friendly than computer-to-film technology.

CTP printing assures sharper images and unsurpassed print consistency. Today, it no longer matters whether our clients are next door or several hundred miles away. Our fully digital prepress operation allows for rapid file transmission and the peace of mind that what you view on your computer screen is what you’ll see in your printed publication.

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