Proofreading, Copy Editing, and Quality Control Services

MARCOA is a Total Quality Management organization. In place are many quality control measures to ensure proper control of the final publication’s quality and timeliness, in accordance with the mutually agreed upon production schedules established. Based upon extensive experience and range of publications, MARCOA has refined and adjusted how we check and double-check each major step in the layout, design, proofreading, and printing phases of each project.

We have an in-house oversight committee, which meets every day to review all current publications. At this time, any part of a project which is not on schedule for some reason is addressed with solutions agreed upon for follow up action. During all of our projects, MARCOA operates with time lines, production schedules, and internal quality control checklists. Plus, the customer is involved in the quality control program at many different points of the publishing process.
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MARCOA employees exercise extreme individual and team effort in the support of our Quality Control Plan and this is evident in our hard earned reputation of excellence in the publishing industry. A strong and aggressive quality control program will catch errors, misprints, and any questionable issues that need to be taken care of immediately. MARCOA has learned a well executed Quality Control Plan will save time, resources and produce a superb publication.

MARCOA's professionals are all highly trained and educated. Each department has its own supervisor who acts as a quality control point and is responsible for the output of their department. Plus, the various departments at our headquarters are comprised of teams for higher efficiency, accuracy and quality control. Our employees are familiar with all aspects of the publishing process and are very team-oriented.

Additionally, MARCOA cannot express enough the importance of having all of our resources located under one roof; this grants us the luxury of closely monitoring each project and updating the customer at any time.

• MARCOA has developed the attitude that conformance to customer expectations are of top importance. Our management recognizes that quality control is based on the understanding that communication, efficiency, and productivity are unquestionably linked.

• MARCOA's management respects the opinions of its workforce and its ability to contribute to quality improvements. MARCOA's workforce is encouraged, trained and mentored to contribute as an effective team.

• MARCOA places its major emphasis on error prevention and on problem solving. Our Quality Control Program encourages and emphasizes the search for new methods to solve problems and prevent errors.

• MARCOA brings its employees into the decision-making process and provides them with a shared vision of the company's mission and their personal responsibility for accomplishing that mission.

Our proofreading, copy editing, and quality control services are available for hire at a rate of $75 per hour.

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