Printing and Distribution Services

Our 40,000 square foot printing facility features the PRINERGY 5.0 system, a Kodak Trendsetter 800-III platemaker, Glunz and Jensen Interplater 85 HD, three Heidelberg multiple-color, sheet-fed printing presses, and an Epson 9900 plotter with Kodak Match Point Spectroproofing technology. Our printing staff is extensively trained and proficient in all aspects of current print standards.

From prepress, your publication goes to our pressroom, managed for 24 years by Joe Stoekl. Our pressroom houses three Heidelberg 40" multiple-color sheet-fed printing presses. Sheet-fed printing produces consistent color throughout a print job and minimizes waste, unlike web printing in which it is common to discard pages produced at the beginning and the end of a print run.

Having all of our resources – especially our printing presses – under one roof in San Diego, CA further enhances our ability to respond rapidly to customer needs and provide continuity and control during all phases of the project. The professional printing staff is highly trained, highly qualified, and highly motivated.

Heidelberg makes the best presses available on the market. They are renowned for high quality and reliability. Maintaining three printing presses means that MARCOA never has to postpone printing because of equipment breakdown or failure. We have complete control over our printing schedule and the printing capacity to meet our customer’s needs for additional quantity requests.

MARCOA has taken the extra step to protect our clients. In the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic event, MARCOA will implement its disaster recovery plan. This emergency plan ensures printing will not be halted; as up to 3 different printing locations have been identified for outsource printing. Timelines and printing information will be provided to keep schedules on track for deliveries.


The processed four color covers can be printed on a minimum of 100-pound coated, high gloss cover stock. MARCOA offers either a high-gloss ultraviolet (UV) coating or a special UV matte coating finish for your guide cover. The matte coating ensures cover durability without showing fingerprints on a dark colored cover. Additionally, we offer several options including die cutting, embossing, foil embossing, lamination, and thermography as requested by the customer.

MARCOA offers a unique parchment paper history section and separation photography. We also offer a faux parchment paper design using the same gloss paper as the rest of your editorial pages. We also offer perfect binding with quality three-knife, fine-edge trimming for the guide and telephone directories for a quality product. However, we can supply any type of binding at customer's request.

Also upon customer request, we can offer an almost limitless amount of paper stock options from which to select the desired weight and gloss. We want to ensure that our customers are pleased with the final product, so we use the best type of paper that will bring out the colors and details needed for a superior look.

Located next to our pressroom is our warehouse where our shipping and distribution department is located. We have a 12' x 40' loading dock to accommodate large pick-ups and deliveries. We have accounts with all of the major shipping carriers to ensure that our shipments arrive the fastest and most economical way possible. We can ship to multiple locations for the same project accurately by using our address verification and correction software that is updated monthly. Our software provider is a NCOALink® Full Service Provider Licensee and RDI™ Licensee of United States Postal Service®, which contains approximately 160 million records or 48 months of permanent address changes.

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