Keep Trees® Digital Publishing Software

kt-example.jpgKeep Trees® is MARCOA's online digital publishing service that quickly and easily converts traditional print and media PDFs into a rich and interactive experience. In other words, we take your publication and make it really cool for your internet audience.

Our service was designed for the budget-minded consumer and is used by corporations as well as individuals.

There are several types of publications where our service is a perfect solution: Magazines, books, catalogs, newspapers, brochures, menus, newsletters, prospectuses, company reports, manuals, and portfolios.

Why Use Keep Trees®?
• To "wow" your audience. Flip pages like a book, sound effects, zooming, etc.
• To control your content. Your publication can’t be downloaded, which means you can always have the latest and greatest version available for your audience.
• To quickly and easily fix mistakes. If you make a mistake, fix your original document and re-upload it at no charge.
• To keep trees, of course!

Here's our feature list:compatible with mobile devices
• iPhone, iPad and Droid compatible
• Internal and external web links
• Video embedding
• Variable zooming with mouse
• Interactive page-flipping
• Search function
• Ability to e-mail someone direct link to page being viewed
• Print option
• Custom branding (white label)
• Fully editable XML for increased search capabilities
• Multiple color schemes
• Optimized or high-resolution option

• Free preview
• Unlimited hosting
• Self-publishing
• Statistics
• Free to update publication with fixes
• Easily embed in site or Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.

While we harness the full power of Adobe® Flash® for desktop computers, your publication will also be compatible with mobile browsers such as the iPhone and iPad.


“This is one of the coolest programs I have seen so far, and given its price the best value.  Unbeatable! You have a great product. Thanks!” - Claude R.
“Thanks for your assisting in aiding us to perfect our publication.” - Daphne A.
“Thank you.  You guys are always on top of things and your help and reply is immediate.” - Bob M.
“Wow. That looks really nice. Thanks so much.” - Kristina M.
"Your program and service is so quick and easy! And, reasonably priced! Thanks for fulfilling a need that we smaller, niche publications have in converting print content to a digital format. You rock!" - Veronica Z.

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