National Guard Magazines

In 2003, our sister company, AQP Publishing, Inc., pioneered a new family of quarterly and annual magazines  to tell the stories of state National Guards in their own words and pictures, in accordance with DoD Instruction 5120.4. Today those states include Utah, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Alaska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and the District of Columbia.

Our magazines provide an important outlet for local Guard communities. It is the only resource that provides Guard-specific local news, events, updates, awards and recognition, training, and stories of valor.

We know how to tell the Guard’s stories.  Indeed, we have been telling the stories – the histories of the National Guard and Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force – for more than a combined 40 years. In all that time, we’ve always tried our best to live up to the Guard’s motto, “Always Ready, Always There.”

Louisiana National Guard Pelican Dispatc
Pennsylvania National Guard Guardians
Capital Guardian National Guard Magazine
Idaho National Guard The Gem State Guard

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